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I have spent my whole life around animals, horses in particular and during times of stress and anxiety “The Yard” is my happy place where I can forget my worries and immerse myself in the care and wellbeing of the animals. I passionately believe there are countless children and adults who could also benefit enormously from “yard life” and improve their lives by building self belief, confidence and reducing stress and anxiety. As well as horses we also have several alpacas and are hoping to create a furry friends area where visitors can meet guinea pigs, chinchillas, chipmunks, budgies, micropigs, pygmy goats and more!

Happyard offer a whole range of fun experiences including be a farmer for a day, meet and care for an alpaca and more! We also run a relaxed campsite with basic amenities. We have a variety of friendly horses including our gentle giant ‘Reggie’ the Shire Horse.

We believe everyone (not just the privileged) should have the opportunity to spend time around animals, horses and alpaca in particular as they offer an amazing calming therapy.  We are trying to build a yard which is going to benefit so many people including those less fortunate by providing animal experiences for free.

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